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The American Right is, like, the grand champion of Moving the Goalposts. Can’t make it as a teenager? Why didn’t you go to college? Graduated from college, swamped in debt and struggling to get by? You should’ve gotten a relevant major, or stop being snooty and thinking you’re too good for a minimum wage job. Working a minimum wage job, with a degree? You deserve it for not putting your skills to use.

You can’t win unless you’re a 40+ rich white guy.

A Brief History of Denny’s



…But Dionysus had another son. Dennycules, the God of Late Night/Early Morning Munchies. Dennycules was mocked by the other gods for his love of all-hours snacking. Realizing his happiness and hunger were more suited for the mortal realm, Dennycules gave up his god-like powers and status so that he could live on Earth and open a chain of 24/7 Diners. He dubbed these such diners, “Denny’s”.

Or at least that’s what we read on the internet.


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Marvel’s Superhero Avengers Portrayed As Medieval Warriors

By Flex McCool

A Malaysian illustrator by the name of Daniel Kamarudinhas supposedly created a series of highly impressive images of the Marvel Comics Avengers as if they were a part of medieval mythology. Heavy iron-armored superheroes defending castles seems to make so much more sense after seeing these images. Check out this guy’s gallery on deviantART for more great art.

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